Emily Penfold is a British multidisciplinary artist and designer, recently graduated with a First Class Honours in Performance : Design and Practice from Central Saint Martins. In particular, Emily is interested in the hybrid between fine art and performance practices. Within her practise, she delves into our human fragility and internal energies and aims to explore work that engages the audience in a sensory, intellectual and emotional experience.

Emily’s series of exquisite original drawings in graphite, pen and ink emerged following a haunting trip to the Killing Fields in Cambodia. Through these drawings, she explores a subject that is both personal and universal. The juxtaposition of the human skulls against vibrant colours as well as powerful representations of life, such as the butterflies, creates a sinister yet hopeful vision exploring our own human impression and everlasting presence.


Crypt Gallery, Euston, London / Collapsed and Reassembled Group / Group Show / 21st - 28th Nov 2018

Proteus Creation Space, Basingstoke / I AM ENOUGH / Solo Show / 29th Jun - 12th Jul 2018